Finest Fairways: Minnesota National Golf Course

A Hidden Gem Only Found in McGregor

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“Hey Northland, in this week’s edition of Finest Fairways, I hit up Minnesota National Golf Course in McGregor to find out what makes this course a true diamond in the rough.”

“It’s an unexpected golf course when you come out here. You get out here and find out that this is here and get out and play a few holes and just immediately, hey this place is a gem,” said Director of Golf Kristopher Boike.

“A lot of elevation changes. Bend grass facilities, beautiful white sand bunkers and just a lot of the amenities you just don’t find outside of a metropolis like area,” Boike said.

“Every hole provides something that’s new, that is challenging, that is fun and you don’t get tired of playing out here just because every time you play, you experience something a little different,” said Boike.

“You don’t really think of McGregor as a golf destination but once you get here it can really change your mind,” Boike said.

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