Slip Bridge Out of Service Due to Strong Winds

Bridge Out For Third Time in the Last Two Weeks

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It’s something Northlanders are becoming all too familiar with. 

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when the slip bridge is out of service. 

Wednesday, it was once again up but not because it can’t go down. 

The little blue bridge is up once again making this the 3rd time in the last 2 weeks.

Because winds were up to nearly 30 mph, bridge officials said it was better up during the high gusts. 

“People walk by and say, oh the little blue bridge is broken again,” said Slip Bridge Supervisor, Dave Campbell. 

It’s a saying that’s been on repeat for the last two weeks. 

The strong winds will put stress on the cable system. 

“It’ll un-spool the cables.  The wind will die down and the bridge will actually drop,” said Campbell. 

It’s becoming a hassle for tourists and it’s becoming harder for Arlene Baldes to get around. 

“I was afraid I would be holding up the rest of my party because I can’t walk as fast as they do,” said Baldes. 

So, the question becomes: Where do we go now?

Frustrations with the bridge have left officials questioning the future of the bridge. 

“It’s a matter of finding what would be the most cost effective and what would be the most efficient,” said Campbell. 

But, that finding is still a question mark. 

“The city only has so much money and there’s a lot of projects that need to be done,” said Campbell. 

So, for now the bridge will stay put whether it’s in or out of service. 

“I, myself, am just going with the bridge will always be there,” said Campbell. 

At this time 3 years ago the bridge was already out of service 6 times. 

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