Kitchen, Bathroom Carry Most Germs

99 Percent Aren't Harmful, Some Are Healthy

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Even with a microscope, finding germs or bacteria can often be tricky.

“For most germs, 99 percent are not harmful. In fact, some of them are actually good for you. The one percent can give you disease, anything from a common cold to a life threatening illness,” said Dr. Sharon Bergquist, assistant professor of medicine at Emory.

While the bathroom might seem like the biggest germ haven, there’s actually another room to consider – your kitchen.

“We can rinse raw meat into the kitchen sink and rinse the soil off root vegetables into the sink and we also leave plates with food on sometimes even overnight,” said Dr. Bergquist.

A lot of people cut raw meat on a cutting board then use the same cutting board for a vegetable.

A lot of people use sponges for their dishes, but use that same sponge to wipe down counters and sinks and just transfer bacteria back and forth.

So just how do you get those germs to stay away?

“The most important thing is to wash your hands,” said Dr. Bergquist.

The second part is to keep the surfaces clean.

The third is to be mindful of how germs spread.

You may want to use a dedicated cutting board for raw meats and a different one for vegetables.

You may also want a dedicated sponge for counter tops and a different one for dishes.

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