Historic Superior Junkyard May Close for Good

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Twin Ports Auto Parts, the only junkyard left in Superior, has been open for decades.

For more than a year, the owner has tried to sell the business. 

If there’s one thing owner, Dave Penney, wants to see it’s his old cars being kept alive. 

It makes a great place for customers to get parts for a car they are restoring. 

But after being ready for retirement, Penney doesn’t want to see his business go to the crusher. 

“It started out with my grandfather, William Senior, back in the 20s,” said Penney. 

It’s a business that’s been in the Penney family for three generations. 

“It’s time for me to enjoy life,” said Penney. 

But after 40 years, Penney is ready to say goodbye to the more than 400 junked cars. 

“I don’t want to see this go away,” he said. “Crushing it out, that’s like crushing out our history.”

Penney wanted to hand it off to one of his six children. 

“There’s all different types of things that they are doing,” said Penney. 

But all have shown no interest. 

“Nothing will be here locally.”

With the closest junkyard 10 miles north of Duluth, the closing would put a damper on local customers. 

“I don’t know where I’ll go in the mornings after he closes,” said loyal customer, Larry Gilbertson. 

For more than 35 years, Gilbertson has visited the yard every morning. 

“I’d really hate to see this disappear,” said Gilbertson. 

Whether it’s buying or giving parts away, Gilbertson is a junk yard guy himself. 

“If I was 25 years younger, I’d be interested.  I like the business,” he said.

It’ll be hard to imagine the yard without Penney, but the doors aren’t closed yet. 

“It’s not over till the last girl dances, they say!” said Gilbertson.

“I’m hoping it all comes together,” said Penney. 

Come December 31, Penney will officially be done whether it’s sold or not. 

He tells Fox 21 he is excited to travel and be a snowbird with his wife. 

The asking price was set at $900,000. 

Just last week, Penney slashed it down to $500,000.

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