Improvements Start for Wisconsin Point Road

Construction Crews Start to Replace Potholes

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A project to repair the bumps and potholes on Wisconsin Point Road is in the works. 

Monarch Paving Company of Superior has already come in to break up and recycle portions of the road. 

Now, the city is busy placing an asphalt overlay from Moccasin Mike Road to the end of the point.

Because this is a widely used road, city officials say this project is long overdue. 

“People go out there just to relax, go walk the beach and do all sorts of thing out there, picnic and so forth.  So, it’s a widely used asset and park.  The road hasn’t been conducive to the people moving across it smoothly,” said Mayor Bruce Hagen.

After this project is finished, Hagen has more plans to spice up the area. 

“We’re also going to be redoing some of the parking areas and eventually we’re going to have solar operated disposal systems out there.  So, hopefully less trash will be out there,” said Mayor Hagen.

The road will be open and controlled with flaggers during the next month.

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