Lakeside Liquor Sales Debate May Go to Voters

City Councilors to Vote Thursday

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It’s a ban that’s been in Duluth for more than 100 years. 

Now, city councilors want to give Duluthians a chance to give their opinion on the future of alcohol sales in Lakeside. 

Nearly a decade ago, just one vote stood in the way of liquor sales in the Lakeside Neighborhoods. 

Now, that power may be given to voters come November. 

Thursday, councilors will vote whether to put a city-wide referendum on this year’s ballot. 

With young families moving into the area, Mayor Don Ness sees the proposed vote as an opportunity to breathe new life in the district and support small restaurants. 

“I think people understand that the responsible use of alcohol is really not a problem.  In fact, it can support small business owners that are trying to run a restaurant and that can mean the difference between making a profit and closing,” said Mayor Ness. 

Results of a local survey show 80 percent of Duluth residents favor liquor sales in Lakeside. 

If the referendum, goes through and the legislature approves, changes could happen as quickly as July.

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