Upgrades to Amsoil Speedway Keep History Living On

Northland Uncovered: Amsoil Speedway

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Cars revving their engines and speeding around a dirt track is what you’ll probably see at Amsoil Speedway in Superior on a typical Friday night.

“I may be a little prejudiced, but I think it’s the best track around,” said Duane “Andy” Anderson.

Anderson has been part of the racing at this track since day one.

“I’ve done everything here except run the grader, and that’s good,” laughed Anderson.

Anderson started driving in Proctor in 1957, but was part of the group who made this Wisconsin track a reality in 1961.

“There was, I think it was, 20 of us met at the old moose lodge on Tower Avenue,” recalled Anderson.

The Tri State Racing Association was born and track construction was started.

“They lengthened the airport runway over there and the contractor, Les Olson, had a lot of extra dirt so he hauled it over here and put it on the track,” explained Anderson.

Before that, the Amsoil Speedway was an old, flat, horse racing track.

By adding this new dirt, they had the banks needed for turning.

Ever since then, fans have packed the stands.

“They have a favorite driver and stuff, so they cheer for their favorite driver,” said Anderson.

Anderson says it’s been fun ever since, “we’ve had sprint cars do this track before the corners going 118 miles an hour. So, you lose your cap in a hurry.”

Not just locals speed for the finish line here, they have cars from all over the United States racing at this track.

Since that October day back in the ’60s, it’s been about making sure this track is up to par for all those racers.

“If you got a rough and bumpy one then it’s a little more challenging,” explained Anderson, “some days you get hot weather so you dump a lot of water on.”

The most recent upgrade was installing $60,000 worth of lights.

Improvements like this are paid for through a surcharge on admission tickets which goes to Douglas County.

“It’s like running down the alley at midnight with your parking lights on. That’s what it was before. Now it’s bright as day,” said Anderson.

This is the first major lighting change since 1962, and Anderson says it’s completely changed how drivers get to the finish line.

“They can go further into the corners ’cause they’re lit better,” said Anderson.

If you’d like to know more about this track, you can check out their Facebook page

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