Battle Against Planned Parenthood Heats Up

Center for Medical Progress Releases Fifth Video

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What started as a series of controversial undercover videos has turned into a full-blown battle in the halls of Congress.

Monday, a Republican effort to defund Planned Parenthood failed to get enough votes to overcome a democratic filibuster, setting the stage for a much bigger battle over government funding in the fall.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump is calling on Republicans to shut down the government if Democrats don’t agree to defund Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood argues these undercover videos are heavily edited and are being used as a deceptive pawn in a political battle over abortion.

“We are seeing attacks intended in the end analysis to get rid of safe, legal abortion in this country and destroy Planned Parenthood,” said Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood.

The Center for Medical Progress is the anti-abortion group behind the videos.

On Tuesday, it released a fifth video that claims to show a Planned Parenthood official discussing the sale of fetal tissue.

“You’re going to see evidence of how Planned Parenthood is going to sell fully exact fetuses to buyers of aborted fetal tissue,” said David Daleiden, project lead with Center for Medical Progress.

Planned Parenthood continues to deny that it profits in any way from the sale of fetal tissue.

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