Keeping Pets Safe and Healthy in Warm Weather

Animal Answers: Pets in Hot Weather

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The heat that comes with summer could make for an overheated pup.

Getting your pets outside and getting regular exercise is very important for their health, but too much exercisecould mean over heating for dogs.

Some local vacationers find alternative ways to keep their trusty canines out of the heat.

“He has an in-grown swimming pool and access to it all the time, he now jumps into the deep end and swims all over with his other dog friends,” said Margie Butler from Madison, WI.

Water seems to be the common theme when it comes to keeping pets from over heating.

Duluth has a fountain for dogs on the Lakewalk to help prevent dehydration.

Some people like to bring along their own, though, just to be sure.

“She has water available all times and we carry water with us when we hike,” said Dawn Berktold from Lake City, MN.

Some more helpful tips: try walking in the cooler hours of the day, the mornings and evenings, and try taking shorter walks. Walking on grass helps, too, so the concrete doesn’t burn the bottoms of your pup’s feet.  

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