UMD Students Create Eco-friendly Concrete

Students in Duluth Create Eco-friendly Concrete

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A local campus has developed a new product to help them decrease their carbon footprint.

After about a year of testing and mixing, three UMD civil engineering students along with their professor created a concrete mixture that is more environmentally friendly.

It is now poured over a 60 foot stretch on campus.

The product is made up of recycled materials and 25% less portland cement, which can create a lot of carbon dioxide emissions.

“Concrete keeps getting used, keeps getting poured, cement usage keeps going on,” UMD civil engineer graduate student Scot Larson said. “So the more that we can cut down on that the less production we need. The less emissions that go into the environment.”

The students are in talks with facility management to spread the mixture to other parts of campus.

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