Experts: Lingering Flu Could Increase Northland Egg Prices

Bird Flu Could Cause an Increase in Egg Prices in the Northland

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A bad string of the bird flu may come at a hefty price for your main kitchen staple: eggs. 

The outbreak that’s killed nearly 40 million egg laying hens is causing prices to escalate nationally.

Northlanders may start to see a price spike at grocery stores.

Northland businesses could also start to up their price tags.

It’s been more than 2 months since the last report of the bird flue was in the United States.

But, there is a concern for another outbreak come fall causing egg prices to sky rocket even more than they have this summer. 

“We’ve seen prices increase,” said UMD’s Assistant Professor of Department of Economics, Luiggi Donayre. 

Since May prices for egg consumers in the Northland have ranged from $3.19 to $4.99.

“The main effect that this is going to have is going to be for consumers,” said Donayre. 

Midwest whole sale prices have risen 40% to 80% since December. 

“Because the egg prices are going up generally in the market, we may see an increase in the near future,” said Whole Foods Co Op’s Brand Manager, Ali Wade. 

If the bird flu were to come back stores like the Whole Foods Co Op could be impacted. 

“I do think we’ll see a change in prices,” said Wade. 

Right now though, the Co Op has yet to see a drastic change. 

“We don’t anticipate any change in what’s available to us from our egg producers,” said Wade. 

If the price goes up, Whole Food says it won’t affect their stock because they use small organic farms. 

“Our supply will remain consistent with what it’s always been,” said Wade. 

Experts say the worst could be yet to come for both prices and the flu. 

“That depends on how much this virus is going to spread out,” said Donayre. 

The unknown factor is how it will spread during migration. 

“Producers are well aware that this is a temporary situation,” said Donayre. 

But experts reiterate it won’t be permanent. 

An uptick to more than $6 for a dozen could happen by the end of the year if the bird flu returns. 

Something that could happen as early as this fall. 

Before the flu outbreak, the average price for a dozen eggs was between $1.60 and $1.66


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