Spirit Mountain to Ask For $300,000 at Monday’s City Council Meeting

City Asked for More Funding to Help Spirit Mountain

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Spirit Mountain’s recently hired leader, Brandy Ream, wants $300,000 from the City of Duluth. 

She says it’s all because of last winter’s unseasonable weather. 

Ream is expected to make a plea to the city council Monday night to ask for more financial help. 

Spirit Mountain Executive Director, Brandy Ream, tells Fox 21 the $300,000 would help meet the attraction’s payroll costs. 

However this comes on top of $1.2 million Spirit Mountain still owes the City of Duluth from past loans. 

“I think that this is an unfortunate thing that has happened but a necessary thing to help move Spirit Mountain forward,” said City Councilor, Zack Filipovich. 

In April, Ream gave a huge pay cut to all salaried staff saying in a statement released Friday, “We’ve cut payroll by $125,000 and reduced other expenses by $75,000 during the first quarter of our fiscal year.”

Filipovich says the business spent $50,000 to help it’s summer operation. 

“They’re going to have another $25,000 at least before the next season in deferred maintenance,” said Filipovich. 

Ream says “It’s a necessity to cover current operational costs and compensate staff who continue to provide quality services every day.”

So, the question becomes where will the money come from?

“We’re exceeding our tourism tax dollars over budget by $375,000,” said Filipovich. 

Instead of extending Spirit Mountain’s $1.2 million unpaid loan still hanging out there, Filipovich suggests finding emergency help from the tourism tax revenue. 

“If we’re doing that well in tourism and Spirit Mountain is a tourism based entity that would be perhaps the most appropriate way to fund Spirit Mountain.”

While the mountain tries to get deep out of the red, Filipovich is confident the attraction will once and for all be financially stable in 3 years.

Councilors will vote on the $300,000 at Monday Night’s City Council meeting. 

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