Storms Bring Right Amount of Rainfall to Farmers

Rain Helps Crops Grow in the Twin Ports

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Recent rain in the Northland has come as a relief for farmers and their crops. 

Farmers at the Duluth Grill welcomed Friday’s rain with open arms. 

This time of year is essential for the plants to get the proper amount of water. 

Without it, experts say the plants can’t take in nutrients from the soil. 

The drought has forced farmers to take alternative routes. 

“Here we are able to water and a lot of farmers can’t do that because of the size of their field and things like that.  But, it’s a problem for us too,” said Gardener at Duluth Grill, Francois Medion. 

This year, the Duluth Grill has hired 5 extra guys to help with watering the plants. 

The rain was also helping in keeping away some of the pests. 

“When the plants suffer to they don’t defend themselves as well from pests and diseases and stuff like that. So, we have had a lot of pests to deal with,” said Medion. 

Medion says more than 2 inches of rain per week would be ideal in keeping all of the plants healthy.

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