Finest Fairways: Chequamegon Bay Golf Club

A Championship Golf Course Both Challenging and Enjoyable for all Golfers

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“Hey Northland, in this week’s edition of Finest Fairways, I’m at Chequamegon Golf Course where I’m challenging the golf pro Matt, to the challenging 16th hole, let’s see how this one goes.”

“Hole 16’s a great hole. It provides a few different challenges. Very challenging tee shot, as you have water down the left side and a bunker down the right side. It’s a very tight necked fairway off the tee.”

“If you’re a longer player you can try to reach in two but it’s heavily guarded by bunkers and a big ravine in front. And an unjulating green. It’s a challenging hole.”

“Well it’s not looking good guys. I’ve got this for par, Matt’s got that for birdie. Gotta putt and pray.

“As it should be, the golf pro Matt took me down in this hole 16 challenge. If you want to try this or any of the other holes at Chequamegan Bay Golf Resort, head on down the Ashland, Wisconsin.”

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