Study: 4.2 Million Americans Admit to Drunken Driving

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A new study finds close to two percent of American adults, or 4.2 million people, admitted to drunken driving at least once over the prior month.

The study, based on 2012 data analyzed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found rates varied widely between states and were often tied to a state’s drunk-driving laws.

The Midwest fared worst.

The report also found four percent of adults fall into the category of being drinkers, and they’re involved in two-thirds of all drunken driving incidents.
Type 2 diabetes gets worse if you skip breakfast, according to a small study conducted in Israel.

Diabetics had lunchtime blood sugar levels 37 percent higher on days when they didn’t eat breakfast.

Researchers say the no-breakfast effect continued through dinner time and pushed sugar 27 percent higher than it would have been normally.

It’s recommended diabetes eat breakfast with protein like eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese or lean low-salt ham.
Most middle and high schools start the day too early, according to a new study from the CDC.

It reports one in five middle and high schools started the day at the recommended start time of 8:30 a.m. or later.

The CDC says those times allow students to get the right amount of sleep on school nights.

It says lack of sleep is common among students and is associated with health risks like being overweight, smoking and using drugs.

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