Heavy Rains Cause Damage in Ely

Storm Sewers Back Up, People Paddle in the Streets

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Some wild weather blew through Ely this weekend as the flood gates opened.

Officials said nearly three inches of rain fell in less than 20-minutes.

Storm sewers backed up damaging city streets including washout at East Pattison Street and West Camp Street.

Damages could exceed $30,000.

“I was working at voyageurs north. It got totally flooded so we had to grab a bunch of towels, block the doorway, it was all just coming in, said Ely resident Judah Wallace.

“I was here in Ely and heard there were people paddling around the streets,” said Thia Lossing.

The city operations director told Fox 21 some of the sidewalks settled and it will take months to clean-up all the gravel and make repairs. 

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