Keeping a Duluth Legacy Living On

Northland Uncovered: Duluth Rowing Club

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The city of Duluth is filled with history, but there’s one group of Northlanders on Park Point, that have been bringing joy to Duluthians for more than a century.

The Duluth Rowing Club has been in Duluth since 1886.

Originally, a boathouse was where the DECC now stands.

Because of the shipping industry, the club moved down to Park Point to a new home on 10th Street.

“It was more than just boating, it was boating of all types. Sailboating, motorboating, canoeing, rowing,” explained Bonnie Fuller-Kask, Head Coach at the Duluth Rowing Club.

They also had balls, festivals and restaurants.

“All the high society, the wealthy people, were apart of the Duluth Boat Club back in the day,” said Fuller-Kask.

It’s those rowers who carried the club to National and International championships.

“The Duluth Rowing Club was a powerhouse in world rowing back in those days,” said Fuller-Kask.

“It’s just cool to know that we’re in a boat house where Olympians have rowed, a club where Olympians have rowed, so you got a lot to live up to, but we feel like we can handle it,” said Joe Rauzi, a team captain.

The boat house on Park Point has been there through most of it.

“This boathouse now is part that was used when the boathouse was on 10th street. People would row down here or canoe or sail,” said Fuller-Kask.

“If you look inside our boathouse, there’s boats that have been here almost as long as the club itself,” said Grace Lane, a team captain.

Just this summer, more than 100 kids came to that boat house every day, ready to row.

“The second I came I loved it,” said Lane.

“It’s just a great way to get at least one workout in during the day. And it’s fun, I like it a lot,” explained Rauzi.

But it’s not just the workouts that keep everyone coming back.

“There’s so much more like to being on this team than just being out on the water,” said Lane.

“It’s the teamwork, it’s the camaraderie,” explained Fuller-Kask.

“Even on rough days you still come down, get to see everybody and hang out,” said Rauzi.

The club is a family keeping a legacy living on.

The club will be getting a new boat house soon because repairs to the current boat house will cost too much. 

A donor recently gave enough money for it to be built.

It’ll be right next to the current boat house. 

If you’d like to know more about rowing, or donate, head to their website

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