Deer Herd Impacting Forest Health in Bayfield County

Forest Health Impacted by Deer Herd in Bayfield County

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The current deer population is reportedly affecting forest health in Bayfield County.

County Foresters say it’s becoming difficult for them to see significant impacts from seedlings like red oak and white birch because the deer are feeding on them. 

Because deer herd numbers have decreased throughout Wisconsin, foresters would like to continue to see those numbers decline. 

They say if they can drop the herd where those trees are, they may start seeing growth.

“Every year we can track how the forest is doing through time. It would be nice to be able to present what we are seeing in the forest and get some traction on what we can do about that and that would be drop the herd to a level that we can grow these trees,” said Bayfield County Forester, Mike Amman. 

The Bayfield County Forest manages 45,000 acres out of the 169,000 acres a year.

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