Historic Brick Roads Restored in Bayfield

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The City of Bayfield is keeping its history alive in a unique way.

Driving downtown Bayfield may seem a bit different as brick roads are making a comeback. 

Can you imagine what the streets of Bayfield looked like nearly a century ago?

Well, now you don’t have to imagine anymore. 

All you have to do is drive on Broadway Street to get a glimpse of history as a 7 year restoration project is finally complete. 

“I love it. It just reminds me of Bayfield, beautiful Bayfield,” said Bayfield Resident, Shirley Johnson. 

Johnson has lived in Bayfield for more than 90 years. 

These newly restored brick streets have her truly reliving her memories. 

“They’re nice and smooth and its lovely,” said Johnson. 

The $1.2M project came thanks to a motion made by the city council back in 1981. 

“They put it in the city ordinance that those 3 streets had to remain brick,” said Bayfield Mayor, Larry MacDonald. 

After 7 years, the difficult project is now a reality. 

“We’ve got just a wonderful old fashioned Bayfield look of bricks,” said MacDonald. 

In fact, bricks from 100 years ago are now integrated into the road. 

“This is just one more extension of showing what Bayfield was like in the 1920s,” said MacDonald. 

Keeping the road in its original design is important to the city. 

“As you peel back the blacktop on every old street in town, there is bricks,” said MacDonald.

But, it’s not often you drive on brick roads anymore. 

“There is a sound when you drive on that street, it evokes memories of a long time ago,” said MacDonald. 

Bayfield is excited to show off this small piece of history to visitors. 

“It’ll make them wonder, was Bayfield really like this long ago? said Johnson. 

City Officials say they won’t have to do another restorations project for another 50-70 years. 

So, the bricks are here to stay for good!

The City has also installed new LED old fashioned lighting along the road. 

Wednesday night, residents and business owners celebrated the completion of the historic restoration.

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