Study: More Adults Are Sexting

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A new study shows more adults are sexting and the behavior can boost your sex life.

Researchers surveyed about 900 adults and found those who sexted had higher levels of sexual satisfaction.

More than 88 percent said they’d sent or received sexually explicit text messages or photos.

About 74 percent said they sexted while they were in a committed relationship and 43 percent during a causal relationship.

Twelve percent said they sexted with someone else while cheating on their partner.
Southern-style cooking may increase your risk for a heart attack.

Fried chicken, sweet tea and greens cooked in bacon fat may taste delicious, but researchers say regularly eating that type of food is linked with a 56 percent increased risk for heart attack.

But researchers note this study wasn’t designed to prove eating this way will cause a heart attack – it’s only associated with the risk.
Coca-Cola is funding a health research group that doesn’t blame obesity on sugary soft drinks.

The New York Times reports the ‘Global Energy Balance Network’ was started last year from a $1.5 million donation from Coke.

The group maintains that Americans are too focused on what they eat and not enough on exercise.

In a statement, Coke says it has a long history of supporting scientific research related to its drinks.

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