Brookston Woman Gets 25 Years For Killing Aunt

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25.5 years to be exact. That’s how long 21-year-old Lydia Barney has been sentenced for murdering her aunt. 

Thursday, FOX 21’s Avery Neuville was in the court room where it was packed with family who demonstrated courage and strength. 

Haneus, cruel, violent and brutal are just a few of the words family members of Lydia Barney used to describe the tragic act Barney committed on Oct. 19, 2014. 

Emotions were high as family members took the podium Thursday to explain how the killing changed their lives forever. 

Waubunoquay Dawn Randall, 31, was described as loving, caring and devoted to her family. 

As Randall’s daughter stated in court, “I didn’t just lose my mom,  I lost myself.”

But on the night of Oct. 19, Randall’s life was taken when Barney killed her with a kitchen knife to the neck.

Randall’s mother said in court, “I miss my girl.  I miss the way she used to be and not the way she became.”

“The mitigating factors versus the aggravating factors came down to a sentence in the middle of the presumptive guidelines,” said St. Louis County prosecutor Jessica Fralich.

Fralich said drugs and alcohol played a key role. 

“Lydia has indicated that she doesn’t remember some of this because of her mental health issues,” said public defender Sonia Sturdevant. 

But Thursday, wasn’t about Lydia. 

“This was a hard day for everybody today,” said Sturdevant.

It was about Ms. Randall and her family. 

“There were no winners today.  Nobody won,” said Sturdevant.

With several family members coming to the podium, emotions were high in the court room. 

“They should be commended for having that strength of character to come in and say their peace,” said Fralich.

Barney spoke at the end saying she hopes she can have a life after serving 25 years in prison.

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