‘Katherine’s House’ Helps Women In Crisis

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A first-of-its-kind project in Eveleth is helping women who deal with mental health issues, chemical dependency and other trauma like physical abuse. 

It’s called Katherine’s House. 

It’s a safe place for women to heal and become themselves again. 

“Be awesome.” “You’re Beautiful.” “Smile.”  These are just a few of the uplifting sayings painted on the walls throughout Katherine’s House in Eveleth.  

“To feel safe.  That is a big piece for a woman coming from a situation of trauma,” said House Director, Laura Aho. 

The creator of this unique, one-of-a-kind project is Shelly Holmes.

Katherine was her grandmother, and providing for others was always in her blood. 

It’s a place for women to become themselves again. 

“This is their home.  Our goal is to build that trust with them and give that support,” said Aho. 

Everything from healthy meals to scheduled activities, the women are on a difficult journey to recovery. 

“People have to be sober when they come here.  They have rules to follow,” said Aho. 

This is not a treatment center, but residents have to be ready to follow the rules. 

It’s a high-intensity program but staff are confident they can be that helping hand to get them on the right track. 

“Their very appreciative of me on a daily basis and I’m making a difference in their life,” said Resident Counselor and Activities Director, Sheree Laine.

Katherine’s House can hold 35 women. 

After only being open for 4 days, 3 girls are at the house already. 

Directors expect the house to be completely filled in just days. 

Their sister company will be opening a complex right next door within the year for outpatient treatment. 

Apartments will also be located upstairs for family to stay when they visit. 

The house is open to women of all ages.

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