Crapola Granola Expands in Old Drug Store

Set to Expand by the End of the Year

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It’s a business the owners said started as a joke in 2007.

Crapola Granola, a small start-up in Ely began 8-years ago and is making a big move.

The business is currently in a small house in a residential area, but soon it will be located on 1st Avenue in the old drug store.

Crapola Granola began in 2007 and was sold at the Ely Farmer’s Market.

The owners said they never intended for it to get this big.

The granola is now available online and sol in 200 stores in Minnesota and beyond.

“We said wouldn’t it be funny if we made cranberry apple granola and called it crapola. That was it, the play on words was so funny. We cracked ourselves up and thought other people would get a kick out of it too,” said Owner of Crapola Granola Brian Strom.

The brand soon grew to include four different flavors of granola including Number 2, Colonial Times and Kissy Poo.

In 2010, the owners moved into their current location, but as they continued to expand they knew they needed more space.  

“We decided to do a crowd funding campaign kick–starter which raised $40,000 with the help of generous people, it’s where money and encouragement came from,” said Strom.

Last year the company made around 40,000-pounds of granola with the new space they hope to triple that number.

The new building will include a viewing area for people to watch the granola be made, as well as a coffee shop. 

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