Duluth Transit Authority Prepares for Grocery Store Route

DTA Dubs New Route 'Grocery Express'

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The Duluth Transit Authority is about to debut a new bus route that’s going to help people get to the grocery store in West Duluth.

There are some that call western Duluth a “food desert,” meaning that it can be difficult for people to get access to fresh foods.

“[It’s] an issue of getting groceries back and forth between the store and their homes, so the DTA is a logical solution to the problem,” says DTA General Manager, Dennis Jensen.

Getting to the Super One West Duluth can be a problem, especially if you don’t have a vehicle.

For four months, the DTA will be conducting a trial run of a new route, one that will serve the Lincoln Park and Morgan Park neighborhoods.

The DTA is also installing shelves and bins in certain buses to better accommodate multiple bags of groceries.

The goal is to allow people in these neighborhoods better access to fresh and healthy foods.

“We’re going to see how well it’s accepted, what the ridership is. That’s one way we measure success, and that’s ridership,” said Jensen.

It’s being dubbed the ‘Grocery Express,’ and it launches September 1.

The route will run only one day per week.

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