Staying Fit With Parkour

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We all know the best way to stay healthy is to eat right and exercise.

But if your workouts are getting boring you find yourself skipping them.

In tonight’s Focus on Health, we’ll introduce you to an exercise that’s not only intense, but also fun.
In parkour you move from place to place, taking the shortest route possible.

“Parkour is also known as free running. It is a sport if you’d like, a kind of an athletic art if you prefer, where the idea is to get over obstacles in a smooth and efficient manner,” said Brian DePue, with Play Hard Gym.

Although some learn parkour for the adventure, many are practicing it for the exercise.

“It’s a good work out. It’s got a lot of running and a lot of explosive movements and everything like that, and unlike other sports in martial arts and things like that, there’s no real set course or real set movements that you have to do. So it’s very popular right now because everybody can do it their way,” said DePue.

“It’s an intense workout. You’re using a lot of upper body strength to pop-up. You’re using a lot of core strength, and of course legs to jump. You’re, like, constantly doing squats,” said Reeves Washington, a parkour participant.

Filled with leaps, vaults and rolls, parkour was created in the 1980s in France by the son of a French Special Forces soldier who modeled the movements after military training.

Today, it is an internet sensation, driving parkour gyms to open up all over the U.S.

“After you learn the basics absolutely you can go outside and jump over rails and kind of navigate around the urban environment. Absolutely,” said DePue.

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