Great Outdoors: Off-Road Tour at North Woods Adventures

Tours through the Superior National Forest

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In this week’s Great Outdoors we take a trip with the first and only off-road tour company in Minnesota.

North Woods Adventures take tours through the Superior National Forest for a one of a kind vacation.

On any given day you’ll find Mark and Liz Palser touring the great outdoors.

The husband and wife duo own North Woods Adventures.

The Palsers met in Arizona while Mark was working as a tour guide in the desert.

Liz happened to vacation where Mark was working and they met and were married within 30-days.

Soon after, they moved to Minnesota and set up shop in Ely.

“I just love it up here. I love our truck. I love the way it rides,” said North Woods Adventures Co-Owner Liz Palser.

It took Mark Palser 2-years to build the off-road vehicle used for the tours.

“It’s made out of 1 inch square tubing which is 0.95 it is the thickest that you can get. It’s very sturdy. You can literally put a hook on the top of it and lift the whole vehicle,” said Mark Palser.

The sturdy truck is designed to withstand the dense brush in the forest.

“The glass nose cone on it is actually one grade below bulletproof,” said Palser.

The duo offers a variety of adventures, many with an educational aspect.

“Our tours are gauged on levels 1–5. Five being the greatest and one you can take your grandma on. We have taken 100-year-old men and women on our trails,” said Mark.

You can learn about the history of Ely and Winton or hit the gravel trails to learn more about animals that call “We go all over the forest. We have Boulder Pass, which is really popular. We’ve seen a lot big animal activity out there,” said Liz Palser.

Whether it’s your first time in the Northwood’s or if you call it home, it’s a remarkable experience.

“For somebody who isn’t from the area to be able to have this opportunity to actually get deep into the woods and see what it’s like when there is no people, no houses, no sirens or cars, just woods – it’s awesome!,” exclaimed Deaune Klingfus of Northern Minnesota. 

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