Proctor Makes Train Crossing a “Quiet Zone”

Trains No Longer Required to Sound Horns

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The railroad crossing in Proctor will soon be a “quiet zone.”

Trains that pass through the crossing at 2nd Street in downtown Proctor will no longer be required to sound their horns.

The city had a quiet zone in place for years, but had it revoked for five years because of an incident at the crossing.

“Because of that one accident, the hazard rating on our crossing went high enough to where we lost the quiet zone,” explains City Administrator Jim Rohweder. “That stays on your record for five years.”

Now that the quiet zone is back, Rohweder says a majority of residents are in favor of the new quiet zone.

“There’s a lot of people that live pretty close to the crossing here in town and with 8 or 10 trains going up or down most of the daytime or early evening, it gets pretty loud,” he said.

The new quiet zone takes effect August 25.

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