Tips for Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign

Three Mistakes you Must Never Make if you Start a Crowdfunding Campaign

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Crowdfunding has helped people raise thousands of dollars for their causes.

A crowdfunding expert, Brandon T Adams with the University of Young Entrepreneurs, stopped by FOX Sunrise this morning to talk about what you need to do to have a successful campaign. 

Adams says you need to avoid three mistakes.

The first mistake is the “boy scout mistake,” which is lack of preparation. 

Adams says if you’re not prepared before you launch your campaign, you will fail. 

Mistake number two is “Steve Jobs stupidity,” which is expecting the campaign to be successful without any preparation. 

Adams points out you should market your campaign before you launch it so people want to donate to it. 

Mistake number three is “the value meal,” which is not giving people enough value for their dollar. 

Adams suggests giving rewards to donors as they give to your campaign. 

He has a secret FUND formula for your campaign:

F: forethought

U: utilize a marketing plan

N: narrative

D: deliver value

If you’d like to know more about Brandon, or to see how he can help you with your crowdfunding campaign, check out his website

Brandon also mentioned a crowdfunding campaign happening in the Northland that is raising money to build a safe house for sex trafficking victims. You can find their campaign page here. 

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