Duluth Carpet Store Honored With Piece of Ground Zero

Johnson Carpet One Helps Build Home for Wounded Vet

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A special ceremony Thursday morning honored one Duluth carpet store’s contribution to the family of a wounded veteran.

Johnson Carpet One in Duluth helped with building a “Smart Home” for Corporal Mark Litynski and his family earlier this summer.

Commander John Martorana of the Fire Department of New York, presented the store with a piece of steel from the World Trade Center.

Martorana served the FDNY during 9/11, and now represents a non-profit called “Building for America’s Bravest,” an organization that has a goal of building 200 of these Smart Homes for wounded vets around the country.

“Whether it’s the bathrooms, the bedrooms, the kitchens, whatever the special need is for the veteran, the Smart Home is custom designed so that it meets his needs,” Cdr. Martorana said.

Carpet One sales staff will ask their customers for donations to the cause, and donations can be made on the company’s website as well.

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