Superior City Councilor Proposes New Trash Fee

Graham Garfield to Make Formal Announcement Monday

The fight for trash fees in Superior is far from over.

Superior City Councilor Graham Garfield has proposed a new ordinance that would implement the fee in three steps.

It would start at $7.75 per month in January 2016 and go up to $9.75 per month by 2018.

On Tuesday, city councilors voted down a proposed fee of $9.75 per month.

Garfield’s proposal aims to, “bridge the gap between councilors who wanted to set a lower rate and revisit it later and those concerned that a lower rate would not solve the expected budgetary shortfall for garbage collection and landfill operations.”

Garfield will be hosting a public forum at the Superior Public Library Monday, August 24 at 6:30 p.m. to outline his proposal and accept public comment.

The city council will hold a special meeting Tuesday August 25 to discuss the landfill budget issue.

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