Concern Over Loud Music at Bayfront’s Tribute Fest

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Tribute Fest at Bayfront Park has stuck a chord with some people.

Friday night people voiced their concerns to Mayor Ness on social media saying the music levels were too loud, too late into the evening.

A record number of complaints, Mayor Ness addressed the issue on facebook.

Here is part of the Mayor’s facebook post:

“The noise levels and the length of the show at Bayfront tonight are unacceptable. I apologize for the frustration this has caused… We will address this on Monday.”

Mayor Ness soon after took down his post saying he responded in frustration.

Tribute Fest organizers said they have addressed some of the concerns including changing the volume and angle of the speakers.

They said it was a perfect storm Friday evening with the breeze pushing the music towards the Hillside.

“We certainly want to be good hosts in this city and we want people to enjoy the event. We are here for a serious cause MACV and raising money and our goal was not to upset anybody. It has been addressed,” said Jeff Arnovich with Twin Ports Nightlife.

Mayor Ness did say the issue will be addressed more once he is back from vacation on Monday.

He went on to say in another facebook message it’s about finding a balance between having a good time at Bayfront and those trying to get a good night’s rest.

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