More Bear Sightings in City Limits

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Seeing bears in the City of Duluth is nothing new.

However, Duluth Police said they’ve noticed a recent spike in people reporting bear sightings.

The Department of Natural Resources said it’s typical to get this many calls for bear sightings and it’s not due to a shortage of food.

Instead, officials said what may be the game changer is that bears are getting more comfortable around people.

“Stood up on his hind legs and was rubbing up and down,” said Hermantown resident Rosy Zawchenuk.

Zawchenuk has seen quite a few bears in her backyard this year.

“This is like our third pole here and they’re from birds unlimited and they’re strong, supposed to be bear proof. The second one it bent in half,” said Zawchenuk.

The bear even took a few bites out of the bird feeder before taking off the end, dumping out the seeds and eating the entire feeder of food.

It would appear Yogi Bear is over picnic baskets.

“We were a little shocked because we had taken the dog for a walk and had come back and our neighbor over here is leaning over the deck screaming, “Bear Bear!” We’re like what is she saying? We put the dog away and came around the house and sure enough he was hanging from the bird feeders over here,” said Zawchenuk.

She said it had been two years since she had seen a bear in her backyard, but that’s not the case this year.

It turns out a lot of people on facebook have spotted bears as of lately, including Brenda Palmiotto.

“When it was just here a couple of months ago I started screaming, I was up in the bedroom and my husband probably thought the house was on fire. It’s just super exciting to see them and we enjoy it actually,” said Palmiotto.

The DNR said if you want a bear to leave your yard be a little aggressive.

They suggest using an air horn, banging pots and pans together or even throwing some tennis balls at the bears. 

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