Superior, Japanese ‘Sister City’ Renew Partnership

Relationship Between Superior & Ami-machi Continues to Grow

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Superior and its ‘Sister City’ in Japan have renewed their friendship.

Every year since 1997, families in both cities have hosted students from the other to experience first–hand the different education systems, family values, and ways of life.

“It’s important. If more communities and nations did this, we’d probably have fewer problems in the world.  This is a growing thing and it should grow,” said Superior Mayor Bruce Hagen.

Last year, Mayor Hagen visited Ami–machi for the first time and says the two communities are very similar.

“I was wowed by so many things. It’s about respect, family and education, the three basic factors of a successful society,” he added.

Since the relationship began, nearly 200 students have studied abroad.

This year, Superior hosted 14 students from Japan.

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