What to Look For When Checking Your Skin

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Skin cancer is almost always curable if it’s caught and treated early.

Doctors say that’s why it’s important to inspect your body for any moles or changes in your skin.

If melanoma runs in your family, you have a greater risk of developing it.

People with fair skin blue or green eyes and blonde or red hair are also at a greater risk.

Doctors recommend checking your skin each month especially if you had sunburns as a child.

“Look at those funny brown things on your skin and see how large they are. Have they changed? Probably change is the most important thing, and change not only in width and diameter but also elevation,” said Dr. Brian Gastman of Cleveland Clinic.

In men, melanoma tends to be on the trunk of the body, while women are more likely to have it on their arms and legs.
Parents of overweight kids may be more likely to restrict how much their child eats if they’re also carrying extra pounds.

Researchers found if both parents and kids were in the normal weight range those parents will likely pressure their kids to eat more.

Study authors say the findings can help healthcare providers look at how the whole family affects each person’s weight.
More guys over 40 are getting cosmetic treatments.

Last year, men underwent more than one million non-surgical treatments like Botox, photo rejuvenation and fat reduction.

The number of cosmetic treatments for men has increased 273 percent since 1997.

While women worry about people finding out about getting work done or looking unnatural, men are more concerned about side effects and less about what their wives think.

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