Childhood Obesity Rate Higher in U.S. Than Canada

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A new report finds the U.S. childhood obesity rate has climbed much more than in neighboring Canada.

The Centers for Disease Control says the obesity rate among children between three and 19 was about five percent in both countries in the late 1970s.

But it climbed to 17.5 percent in the U.S. by 2012 and only 13 percent in Canada by 2013.

Causes might include heavier consumption of sodas and snack foods in the U.S.
Ragweed allergy season is back again just as kids start heading back to school.

It may affect their performance in class because they can’t sleep at night, according to some doctors.

Allergists suggest keeping the windows closed at home and using air conditioning if possible.

Do the same in the car, as well.

You should also take a bath or shower before bed to wash away any pollen that’s stuck on you.

“You may think it’s just a bad cold, but every year if you get itchy, and itchy is important, sneezy, you get watery eyes, stuffy nose, if you get a lot of drainage, it’s probably allergies,” said Dr. Sandra Hong with Cleveland Clinic.

You should also avoid drying your clothes outside because they’ll capture the pollen.
A new machine can help you battle the bulge.

It’s called Vanquish and it works by heating up your fat cells to the liquid point where your body can then come in and permanently get rid of it.

A Houston-area doctor says it’s an easy and safe option that gets rid of stubborn fat permanently.

“That fat is gone, it’s like doing liposuction without going under the knife, without any downtime whatsoever,” said Dr. Suneel Chilikuri.

Each session lasts 45 minutes and doctors recommend getting four treatments.

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