Workplace Violence Remains Nationwide Issue

Experts: Delicate Balance Between Protecting Employees, Individual Privacy, No Discrimination

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The shooting of two journalists on live television in Virginia Wednesday morning, is a stark reminder that workplace violence is very much an issue across the nation.

Experts say it’s a delicate balance between protecting all employees, individual employee privacy, and not discriminating.

They say those in management positions should be well–trained for the warning signs of violence.

“People who have a sudden change in behavior – so someone who seemed very happy and then all of the sudden is very upset –  that seems to be someone who’s leading up to something, people who are having personal crises, those are problems,” explained Jannifer David, an Associate Professor of Human Resource Management at UMD.

Experts add background checks are not mandatory at all workplaces, and are not 100 percent foolproof.

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