Local Teachers Prepare for New School Year

“I get excited this time of year,” Denfeld High School math teacher Ed Lewis said.

This is Lewis’s 22nd year getting ready for the first day of school.

“I think it’s the greatest job outside of being a parent that you can have,” said Lewis.

Before students pile in, giving his classroom a welcoming feel is on the roster.

“I’m still trying to find things to put up,” said Lewis.

His own quirky touches are sprinkled throughout the space.

“Just to add some color, a sense of home,” said Lewis.

This year the math teacher has even added a couch.

“To have different conferences and meetings,” said Lewis.

To maximize student learning Lewis coated the tables with whiteboard paint for scholars to write math problems on.

“I’ll be able to walk around and check to see how they’re doing,” said Lewis. “They’ll be able to check each other and help each other and it’ll just be very visual.”

One floor beneath Lewis is Matthew Pursi.

“You have to have your small little creature comforts,” said Pursi. “Of course and you have to make it a welcoming environment.”

This is his first time putting a classroom together at Denfeld.

“Little overwhelmed at the sense that I have to do all of this work,” said Pursi. “Then you remind yourself the kids are feeling this too.”

But he is making the room his own, for starters there are angled desks.

“I kinda like a catwalk feel,” said Pursi. “It’s kind of a nice way to do it something different for them.”

Pursi’s bobble heads and classic film posters help students open up.

“I find that film especially in English and literature can be a great ice breaker,” said Pursi.

Other than preparing and planning Pursi and Lewis are also preparing traditional and advanced curriculum.

“Just reintroducing myself to some of these classics that I may not have read for a couple of years,” said Pursi.

“I would like to do more paperless assignments,” said Lewis.

As they plan and arrange the teachers have some advice for other educators getting ready for another school year.

“Hang in there,” said Pursi. “You’re gonna have bad days but that’s going to be with any job. But there are so many good days they outweigh the bad days.

Teachers will officially go back to school next week.

Students will start after Labor Day.

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