Hundreds of New Students Move into UWS

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“Kind of hard to say goodbye cause this is the farthest away I’ve been from home,” UWS freshmen Ali Manthey said.

The day has arrived and it’s time to move into the UWS residence halls.

“When I toured it I was like this is me, this is me,” said Manthey.

UW–Superior will be home for the next four or more years.

“Excited, nervous,” UWS freshmen Hayley Hoffmann said.

“I’ve been trying not to worry about it and going with the flow,” said Hayley’s mom Gloria Hoffmann. “Just hoping that she’ll enjoy her year.”

Keepsakes, newly purchased items and college staples like Top Ramen are tucked away as mom makes the bed one last time.

“Her senior year all I could think of this is coming next year and now it’s here,” said Gloria.

Meeting new dorm mates and adventure are on the way.

“I’m excited to see all of the new friends I’m gonna make and strengthen the friendships I already have,” said Manthey.

The weekend of welcome and the following days will be filled with activities to help students get socially acquainted.

“We really want to set a good solid foundation for students coming in,” UWS first year experience director Jen Bird said.

This is not just an exciting time for new students but UW-Superior as well.

The university is seeing a 13% increase in new freshmen on campus this fall and a school record of international students.

“Just really we’ve been intentional about the processes that we’ve been using to get students interested and engaged with our campus,” said Bird.

Not to mention being voted the 25th safest university in the united states, a sigh of relief for parents.

“My girlfriend just posted that on my Facebook and that made me very happy,” said Gloria.

But before class starts, some words of wisdom.

“Just get the most out of this whole experience,” said Gloria. “Have fun and follow your dream.”

The new induction ceremony will kick off Monday.

School starts Wednesday.

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