Tips for ‘Weekend Warriors’ to Stay Active

Safety is an Important Part of Any Exercise Program

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Exercise is important to good health; however, being safe and smart is just as important. It all starts, with a good warm up.
“Before you start an activity, you want to make sure there’s appropriate warm up to loosen up the muscles, get the blood flowing, said Dr. John Watkins, with St. Luke’s Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. He also says not taking the time for a proper warm up could have serious consequences.
“We frequently see overuse injuries rather abruptly if people just act like their 16 still and they go out do something like a teenager,” said Dr. Watkins. “The proverbial weekend warriors. “
Also, trying something once or twice and then moving on to something new can be counter-productive.
“It’s appropriate training and realizing you can’t start and stop activities,” said Dr. Watkins, who also advises coming up with a program suited for whatever you do to stay active.
“You want to make sure that you try to stay conditioned,” he said. “Do some exercise above and beyond thinking you can be a weekend warrior and just go out and do things full tilt.”
And if you find something you like, make sure you can handle that, plus anything else you already do.
“If you add a new activity you have to be realistic in terms of the intensity level and frequency of it,” said Dr. Watkins
Even though summer is ending, it is easy to stay active year round, especially if you’re safe.

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