Local Restaurants Helping Raise Money for Greenhouse

Green Mill and G. B. Schneider and Co. Helping Group Raise Money

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Green Mill patrons who purchased pasta dishes Monday saw a portion of their bill given to the Junior League of Duluth.

$2.50 of every lunch pasta portion ordered and $5.00 of every dinner portion ordered were donated to the Junior Leauge to help cover the cost of building a deep winter greenhouse in West Duluth.

Several organizations are teaming up for the project, which will sit near Denfeld High School.

The contributing groups hope the greenhouse will help to alleviate the “food desert” issue in areas of West Duluth, such as the ¬†Lincoln Park neighborhood.¬†

Vegetables grown in the greenhouse will be sold at year round farmers’ markets in West Duluth.

On Thursday, September 3rd, G. B. Schneider and Co. will donate $5.00 to the project for every pulled pork and chip appetizer or wild turkey sandwich sold.

G.B. Scneider and Co. is located at 4602 Grand Ave. 

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