Park Preserves History of Wisconsin Town

Northland Uncovered: Wascott Historical Park

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Every town, whether big or small, has a good deal of history to share.

In this week’s Northland Uncovered, we head to Wascott, WI where residents are creating a place for history.

An old school house and church sit across from Town Hall reminding residents of what once was.

The Wascott Historical Park, dedicated in 2014, is home to an old school house which is more than a century old.

Recently, a 100-year-old church joined it.

“Private citizens raised the money and we were able to move that over here as well,” said Tom Mahoney, Conservation and Recreation Committee Chair.

“Anybody that is interested in somebody’s past, here it is,” said Lynn Koalska, Town Chair.

The Historical Park isn’t finished yet.

“We’re doing a little landscaping, putting some plants in here. We’ve previously raised some money for a swing set for kids and we’re looking to get some picnic tables,” explained Mahoney.

“I think it’s neat to keep history where you can in things,” said Koalska.

Because Wascott is such a small town, they’re presenting their physical proof of history here.

“It’s a small town so there’s not a lot to look to for history,” said Koalska.

“What the old buildings were in town, these are pretty much it. Our town hall across the street and these two, old school and the church,” said Mahoney.

Koalska says she’s seen history taken away when working in St. Paul, MN, “I saw some of these really old buildings get ripped down and all these modern buildings get put up and I was even thinking back then, why do they not preserve things?”

Preserving is what Wascott is trying to do, even if sometimes that means changing the old.

“The school house has a metal roof, certainly that’s not historic, but even if we preserve them to an extent the buildings themselves have history for this town,” said Koalska.

Koalska says they are always looking for donations and for volunteers.

They also hope to build a veterans memorial on the lot.  

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