Big Cats Relocated to Pine County

Three Tigers and Black Leopard Moved to Wildcat Sanctuary

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Three tigers and a black leopard are making their home in Minnesota following a 20 hour road trip from New York.

The Wildcat Sanctuary transported the animals in a fully enclosed air conditioned trailer and they arrived  in Pine County around 2 p.m., Wednesday.

The four big cats will be were formerly held by a private owner in New York.

The Wildcat Sanctuary did not identify the cats previous owner, but said he had taken care of the animals better than most private exotic pet owners.

The man was forced to relinquish the animals or face jail time following zoning law changes in his home township.

The Wildcat Sanctuary executive director Tammy Thies said the sanctuary is grateful the owner decided to “do the right thing” and give the animals to an accredited big cat facility.

Thies said many times owners are so upset about giving up their animals they sell them to breeders, or other private entities that might not have the cats’ best interests at heart.

The new arrivals are:

Calcutta, an 11 year old female, white Bengal tiger

Logan, an 8 year old male Siberian Bengal tiger

Caesar, an 8 year old male, Bengal tiger

Shadow, a 14 year old black leopard.

All four animals will eventually have their own 10,000 sq. ft. enclosure and temperature controlled buildings.

Logan and Caesar will spend their first few weeks at the sanctuary in temporary enclosures while they recover from medical proceedures.

Anyone who would like more information can visit the Wildcat Sanctuary website here

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