Duluth Ranks No. 3 As Least-Stressed City In America

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“It’s really peaceful and nice here,” said Kayla Ledin.

Stress is something we for the most part could live without.

“We’re only on this planet hurdling through space for only a finite amount of time,” said Dough Greenwood. “To try and find peace and happiness is how we make a better world.”

A recent study finds Duluthians are doing just that.

“Oh definitely!” said Syddora Ray.

SmartAsset.com ranked Duluth as the 3rd least-stressed city in the country.

“I think because there’s a lot of getaways into nature,” said Ledin.

“Having the opportunities for exercise and recreation is one of the key factors in reducing stress,” said Greenwood.

The financial website looked at different factors within a city that typically either added or relieved stress, including the average work week length and commute time.

“I would say about 10 minutes at the most,” said Ray.

They also formulated divorce, bankruptcy and unemployment rates.

“I actually got a job within like my first week I moved down here,” said Ledin.

Entertainment was also a key factor in coming up with these rankings.

“I just can’t believe how much there is to do and its actually pretty affordable,” said Ray.

The site even calculated the average amount of sleep. St. Louis County residents get 7.2 hours a night, the 5th-highest of any U.S. county.

“I usually get a pretty solid night’s sleep,” said Liz Horn.

“Same here, sleep like a baby,” said Ledin.

Duluth — a relaxing place to live in or visit.

“No we’re staying in the area for a very long time, probably retire here,” said Ray.

For an in-depth look at the study, click here.

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