FDA Warns of ‘Dangerous’ Powdered Caffeine Products

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The FDA is putting five powdered caffeine distributors on notice saying their products are potentially dangerous.

The warning follows the deaths of two young men last year who died after using the stimulant.

A teaspoon of powdered caffeine has the same amount of caffeine as about 28 cups of regular coffee.

The FDA has issued warning letters to the distributors claiming they are wrongly marketing their product as a dietary supplement.

Those distributors are Smartpowders, Pure Bulk, National Food Supplements, Hard Eight Nutrition and Bridge City Bulk.
Parents should be talking to their kids about alcohol.

That recommendation comes from the Academy of Pediatrics whose report suggests 21 percent of kids say they’ve had a sip of booze before they were 13.

Almost 80 percent had a sip by their senior year in high school.

The report also found 60 percent of high school students binge drink.

However, it’s not just the teenagers who are drinking in excess.

The CDC says one in six adults in the U.S. binge drinks about four times a month.
If your allergies are bugging you, there might be some relief in acupuncture.

Experts say it helps with stuffy nose, sinus headaches and sinus pressure.

‘Acupressure’ may be another way to kick your symptoms where you use your fingers or another small object to apply pressure instead of needles.

“You’ll feel your nose opening up if you have some nasal congestion. You’ll feel the pressure relief in your head, oftentimes headaches will go away so sometimes patients will often feel immediate relief,” said Jamie Starkey, LAC, Cleveland Clinic.

Most people don’t experience side effects from acupressure, but expectant mothers should consult with a professional before trying the treatment themselves.


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