After 48 Hours, Missing Horse is Found

Community Search Effort Reunites A Woman And Her Horse

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“She looks great,” said Willow’s owner Etta Souder. “She’s not hurt, she looks great.”

After being lost in the woods for nearly two days, Willow is finally back.

“I think maybe the whole world heard me scream,” said Souder. “Scream, cried, carried on. Unbelievable I just wanted to see her.”

Less than an hour before the horses homecoming, it was a different scene.

“Please call in every half hour so I know that everybody’s ok,” search coordinator Wade Fremling said.

Volunteers from everywhere came out to help find the Tennessee Walker, who went missing Thursday afternoon.

“It’s been very hard and I’ve had many people helping which is fantastic,” added Souder.

Souder says after a ride, the horse took off.

“She evidently wanted to go for another ride,” said Souder.

Souder ran after her for about a mile, but then lost sight.

“I never dreamt I wouldn’t see her again,” said Souder.

After word spread of her missing, a command post was set up at the Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center.

“Horse people are with horse people, we’re gonna help,” said Fremling.

With treats to lure her, on horses, foot and even wheelers they looked for Willow.

“You hear so many negative things about the world, but there’s beautiful people out there,” said Souder.

On the Bear Paw Trail volunteers went from south to north and from west to east.

“A coordinated search pattern so that nothing is missed,” said Fremling. “We’re all staying within inside of each other so that nothing is missed.”

After combing through the woods, Souder’s brother heard Willow kicking around.

“Extremely relieved, happy and very emotional we found her,” said Souder.

He did not want to do an on camera interview but told FOX 21 it was Willows tracks and feces that led him to her.

“Poop, we love poop,” said Souder.

After a stinky situation the chestnut and white beauty is going home.

“I can’t thank everyone enough,” said Souder. “This love I’ve never felt so much love. I just thank you everybody.”

“The volunteers will celebrate Willow’s return with a barbecue.

Hundreds of people helped with the search.

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