Former Landlord Finds Man’s Missing 1982 Bible

Bible Was Given To Family At Father's Funeral

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A Superior man is a little closer to his late father. 

The Bible presented at his father’s funeral has been found.

As FOX 21’s Dan Hanger reports, it’s all thanks to a former landlord and Facebook.

Richard DeGolier, of Superior, hasn’t seen his family’s Bible since 1982 when his father passed away.

“Well, this was from my dad’s funeral. It was one of the things that went with the funeral from Down’s Funeral Home. Those days — that is just something that went with it,” DeGolier said.

The Bible was lost over time while being passed around to family across the country.
But then there was a call from a woman in Michigan that Richard never thought he’d ever get about a Facebook post of a Bible that had the name DeGolier in it.

“It was from a tenant in one of my old buildings. And she moved out of state and I was cleaning up the apartment and I found the Bible and I thought well I can’t throw this away,” said Alvin Berg, a former landlord in Superior.

Berg eventually turned to social media for help – and the rest is history.

“We took pictures of the Bible with the names and posted it on Facebook. And asked if anyone knew this family and people responded back and that’s how we were able to trace it back to Richard,” Berg said.

“I’m grateful that he didn’t just toss it. I’m really grateful. He went through a lot of effort to find it. And I’m really glad he did,” DeGolier said.

DeGolier is a former computer programmer for the city of Superior.

Alvin Berg now owns the Flame nightclubs in Duluth and Superior.

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