Knowing Your Neighbors: The Platter

An Ashland Restaurant Rich With Area History

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“I like sailing, and I like food, obviously,” said Walworth.

A combination of two deep–rooted passions, and life served Tim Walworth The Platter Restaurant.

“Actually, you’re standing in one of the oldest brownstones in Ashland, Wisconsin,” Walworth told FOX 21. “It was built in 1880.”

The building itself was already rich with history.

“It ran as a brothel from 1880 to about 1912,” Walworth explained.

Tim’s additions would only enhance the narrative.

“What I wanted was a place where people from the area or tourists could come up and really go into anywhere in the building and look at the walls, and or underneath the tabletops and see a visual history of northern Wisconsin,” Walworth said.

The walls are coated with photographs, magazines and other collector’s items.

“Little things that people forget about,” added Walworth.

Perhaps his favorite…

“That ore dock picture that stands out quite well, it’s 11 feet long, but people will come in here after five years and they say ‘When did you put that up?’ It’s been here since day one,” said Walworth.

Each tabletop, too, tells a story.

“People come in and they’ll point out the grandchild that’s now in his or her 50s, 60s, 70s, and will point out their great grandfather or grandfather underneath one of the tabletops.”

As for the menu, it’s packed with dishes from Lake Superior and the local woods.

“The Lake Superior ravioli which has smoked lake trout and whitefish incorporated into the ravioli mix,” Walworth explained.

It’s described best as casual dining in a Victorian atmosphere, plus, a nautical–themed bar.

“The bar area is my area, I guess,” laughed Walworth.

Having grown up sailing on the waters of the Apostle Islands, it’s Tim’s dream come true to answer the question…

“What’s that? Where’d you get that from? Stuff like that, that’s my favorite part of it,” he expressed.

And to share a few of his favorite things in his favorite place.

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