Great Outdoors: West Amity Stables

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For many little girls it’s a dream of a lifetime, to have a pony they can call their own.

In this week’s Great Outdoors we take a look at West Amity Stables, a family-owned business in Duluth’s city limits.

“I think it’s just lots of fun. It’s something that’s so different from everything that you’re usually used to doing,” said horse enthusiast Lauren Brickley.

For six years, Brickley has been riding her horse, Maverick.

She is one of a handful of students at West Amity Stables.

Brickley’s interest in these majestic 1,100-pound animals began at a young age and is now her passion.

“I think my favorite thing is how much they’re your best friend. You get to know them so well and you know everything about them. After you ride the same one all the time I like the bond that you get with the horse,” said Brickley.

Much younger and less inexperienced is 10-year-old Ella McCarthy.

“I started a couple months ago so I’m still like on the basics, I’m in Western still,” said McCarthy.

In the short time McCarthy has been working with her pony, she has learned about confidence and leadership.

“You feel like you have a responsibility and I love my horse,” said McCarthy.

Trainer Debbie LaFleur took over the family business at West Amity Stables a few years back.

“We do beginner lessons. I have school horses for the appropriate level like the golf cart speed all the way up to the Ferrari,” said LaFleur.

The stables offers a variety of riding styles including Dressage, which is kind of like ballet on horses.

“If you’re out in the field galloping and jumping over stuff you really need to be able to trust your horse. Say here is your question and I need you to answer it,” said LaFleur

It’s a hobby that is sure to engage your mind, body and soul.

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