Improperly Disposing Trash Could be Deadly for Wildlife

Protect Wildlife by Watching What You Put in Trash

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Recycling bins and garbage cans that are not secure can lure in animals who smell leftover food in containers, possibly leading to a dangerous situation.

Just a few days ago Wildwoods responded to a call about a skunk who had four plastic dome lid covers from ice cream or drinks stuck around its neck.

Crews live trapped the skunk and then cut them off, but some animals are not so lucky.

“We’ve had a raccoon that had a canning jar ring around its neck,” said Tara Smith with Wildwoods. “Actually two deer that had its head stuck in those big gallon plastic cheese ball containers.”

To prevent these types of incidents from happening Wildwoods says before you throw away or recycle cans and jars, thoroughly wash out food so it will not attract skunks or raccoons.

Things that can get stuck on an animal’s head like a yogurt cup should be crushed flat and plastic rings on items need to be cut up.

“So it could be a slow starvation for these animals if they can’t get the containers off their heads,” said Smith. “Or they could just fall prey to another animal quite easy because they’re not able to see to run away or defend themselves.”

With fall migration underway Wildwoods is also getting birds who are victims of hitting windows that they believe are an open space or that reflect the sky and landscape.

It’s recommended that you put up decals or hang things up in your windows to help cut back the collisions.

You can give Wildwoods a call at 218-491-3604 if you see an animal with something stuck on its head.

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