Study: Half of U.S. Has Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes

One Third of Cases Are Undiagnosed

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Half of people in the U.S. have either diabetes or pre-diabetes, but a third of those cases are undiagnosed.

This comes from a recent study that found the diabetes rate is even higher in Asians, blacks and Hispanics.

Study authors say up to half of Asians and Hispanics with diabetes didn’t even know they suffered from the condition.

That’s compared to about one third with undiagnosed diabetes in the white and black populations.

“Diabetes continues to rise and it continues to rise in all age and sex, race, ethnic groups and in groups according to education and income,” said Dr. Catherine C. Cowie, National Institutes of Health.

If left untreated, diabetes can cause health problems like kidney failure and blindness.
Nearly one in five high school students who say they use e-cigarettes also use them to vaporize pot.

Researchers found boys and younger students were more likely to do this than girls or older students.

But overall, high school students were 27 times more likely to use e-cigs to vaporize pot.

Researchers say their work is the first evidence that teens are using the devices to smoke marijuana.
The tray table on an airplane may be the dirtiest thing you touch when you travel, according to a recent study from five airports on two unnamed airlines.

The tray table samples showed more than 2,100 colony forming units per square inch.

Second on the list of dirtiness was the drinking fountain button in an airport followed by the plane’s overhead vents.


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